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Print Bed Sizing

FDM .25mm: x152mm x y152mm x z157mm
FDM .5mm: x298mm x y275mm x z250mm
SLA: x145mm x y145mm x z175mm
PolyJet: x250mm x y250mm x z200mm

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Stereo Lithography resin printer.
Stereo Lithography resin printer.
High resolution Poly Jet printer.
Medium format high resolution FDM printer.
Medium format FDM printer.
Multi head large format FDM printer.
  • PLA+ White
  • PLA+ Black
  • PLA+ Grey
  • SLA Clear Resin
  • PolyJet White
  • SLA 100um
  • SLA 50um
  • PolyJet 16um
  • FDM .25mm head 100um
  • FDM .5mm head 300um
  • Stacker 2S